More and more people in Wisconsin are voting by absentee ballot but if you want to be one of them, there's a deadline.

 Ever since Wisconsin changed the absentee ballot law in 2000 more people are using them for convenience. Kyle Richmond with the State Elections Board says the number of absentee ballot requests fluctuates every two years but has been steadily going up. This year they expect 7 to 8 per cent of the ballots cast will be absentee.

Richmond says you don't need a reason. You just have to apply for one at your local clerk's office by next week. The deadline is Thursday November 2nd at 5 PM. 

You have to get it back to the clerk before election day where they're held until the polls close and counted along with all the other votes.

 Absentee voting is not without controversy. Some experts say it can lower voter turnout. People request an absentee ballot and forget to mail in.

 Richmond says it doesn't happen often and it's a complicated process but if you change your mind before election day you can get that absentee ballot back and change your vote.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:05 MP3 )

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