A plea deal for an Oshkosh couple accused of mistreating their daughter. Clint and Lynn Engstrom will not spend any time in prison for keeping their teenage daughter confined in a cold, mostly empty room for 22 hours a day for several months. The Oshkosh couple pleaded "no contest" to a felony charge of mentally harming a child, but under a deferred prosecution agreement, will not serve prison time if they abide by certain rules. Clint Engstrom's attorney Paul Zilles says the couple will have to live with a number of conditions, including ongoing counseling, in order for the charges to be dismissed in four years. The Engstroms will also give up custody of their daughter, to her grandmother. As to his client's guilt, Zilles says "they believe that this was unfair, that there was a misunderstanding, that they should never have been charged." Winnebago County District Attorney Christian Gossett says that satisfies his major concern. Gossett says the girl did not want her parents to serve time in prison.

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