A Portage County judge has set bond for a Nelsonville man accused of killing his girlfriend and two children. The judge set bond at a half-million dollars cash and ordered 36-year-old Shane Kettner not to possess dangerous weapons or have contact with a 6-month-old child who survived.

Prosecutors say Kettner likely killed his 3-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son with a 357-handgun but won't say how his girlfriend died, calling it only a "complex homicidal fatality."

Police found several weapons in the home, including a loaded AK-47, and said Kettner had screwed the doors shut and had barricaded one with a washing machine. The home has also been soaked in gasoline, with the apparent intention of setting it ablaze.

He'll likely be charged with three counts of intentional homicide and will make an initial court appearance next Tuesday. 

AUDIO: Matt Lehman reports (:35 MP3)

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