Even as the Postmaster General takes a step back from changes that hamstrung mail delivery, Wisconsin’s attorney general is still moving forward with a lawsuit to stop them.

Attorney General Josh Kaul says that Louis DeJoy needs to follow through with his promises, not just make them. 

“Because if there are other changes besides those that are suspended that’s something we’re going to look into and also there have been changes that have been made that have already had an impact and we are asking for those changes to be reversed as well.”

Kaul says there’s already been irreparable damage done to U S P S, and that Louis DeJoy needs to answer for it. 

“There are procedures that the postal service is supposed to go through specifically so that the public has an opportunity to comment on them. That didn’t happen here.”

Mail sorting machines and post boxes were removed or destroyed across that country, without consultation with Congress or the public. 

Kaul joined a multistate lawsuit to stop the changes at the postal service that included cutting back overtime, destroying and removing mail sorting machines, and removing postboxes.

President Trump has admitted that the changes that were being made would hamper mail-in and absentee voting. 

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