Farmers were required to register their herds by May 1st, but state Ag officials say only about 95 percent have complied. State Veterinarian, Dr. Robert Ehlenfeldt, says they are working towards 100 percent by contacting farmers and encouraging them to comply.

Assistant State Vet, Dr. Paul McGraw, says those holdouts did slow up the investigation of a pseudorabies outbreak in Clark County. Instead of being able to contact every farmer right away, McGraw says inspectors had to be brought in to go door to door. McGraw says getting full compliance will help prevent future outbreaks from spreading for pseudo-rabies and just about any other disease that could affect livestock.

Registration only requires farmers to identify what types of livestock are being kept on site.

Ehlenfeldt and McGraw testified Thursday at the Capitol before the Assembly's Committee on Agriculture.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (MP3 1:08)

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