Wisconsin’s Ag Secretary says the coronavirus has impacted the Alice in Dairyland program. Acting Ag Secretary Randy Romanski says, “We do have to change the process this year.”

Romanski says the Stay Home, Stay Safe orders mean the final selection process that was to take place in Walworth County May 14th through the 16th can’t happen, and Walworth County will likely host the event next year instead.

“We are going to extend the current contract we have, so you’ll see our current Alice in Dairyland virtually for a while, so we’re going to extend her for a little bit of time, and then we are going to postpone this year’s finals, and then we are going to do something more local and lower-key so we’re not bringing a bunch of people together.”

With the later selection, Wisconsin’s 72nd Alice in Dairyland Abigail Martin will likely become the longest-serving Alice in program history.

The six top candidates for the 73rd Alice in Dairyland are Rachel Gerbitz of Milton, Erica Helmer of Plymouth, Stephanie Hoff of Thorp, Kaitlin Konder of Glenwood City, Julia Nunes of Chippewa Falls and Grace Schroeder of Cashton.

Larry Lee, Brownfield

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