Wisconsin Athletic Director Barry Alvarez made it official on Thursday,

Barry Alvarez

announcing that he would coach the team in the Rose Bowl against Stanford on New Years Day.

AUDIO: Alvarez said this didn’t cross his mind until the players asked him :22

Many of the players on the team that want Alvarez to coach this one game, were watching Alvarez win Rose Bowls in Madison years ago as the Badgers coach.  Alvarez coached 16 seasons in Madison and won three Rose Bowls.

AUDIO: Barry describes how this all came about :26

The decision brought instant energy to Badger Nation, which had been  through a difficult week after coach Bret Bielema left abruptly for Arkansas.

Badger linebacker Mike Taylor said he was surprised at Bielema’s departure, but he’s excited now with Barry Alvarez taking over for 1-game.

AUDIO: LB Mike Taylor excited to have Alvarez for the Rose Bowl :17

Alvarez said he hadn’t talked to the entire team yet, but still offered this message to the team going to the Rose Bowl.

AUDIO: Barry Alvarez on his message to the entire team about the Rose Bowl :17

Recruits are in Madison this weekend.  Alvarez said he intents to start interviewing prospective candidates next week.

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