The tragic death of a sixteen year old girl at an Oshkosh festival raises the question of amusement ride safety.

The teenager died when she fell from the Air Glory bungee-type swing ride last weekend.

Tony Hozeny is with the Wisconsin Department of Commerce which is responsible for inspecting amusement rides. He says the Air Glory ride will not be in service in Wisconsin the rest of the year and there is not another Air Glory ride operating in the state.

The Air Glory ride passed inspection in Iowa July 6th. It was due for a routine Wisconsin inspection Tuesday, three days after the accident.

Commerce Department inspectors aren't revealing details of their ongoing Air Glory investigation just yet.

Hozeny says the department does regular on site inspections of amusement rides during the season. Owners must register their rides with the state and provide a schedule of where they will be.

While a death is always tragic, Hozeny says there hasn't been one in the past twenty-five years.

He says the state has had a long and successful inspection program for more than forty years.

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