A state lawmaker is concerned about a new push to provide illegal immigrants with a driver’s license.

A provision removed from the last state budget would have allowed illegal immigrants to apply for special driver cards, which would have made it legal for them to drive in Wisconsin. State Representative Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford) says it appears Democrats are making a push for the measure again, with a new version of the bill being circulated at the Capitol.

Suder says the previous proposal would have spent nearly $3 million and hired 26 new workers to deal with issuing the cards. At a time when DMV service centers have cut their hours and regular residents are having trouble gaining access, he questions why money should be directed elsewhere first.

The Abbotsford Republican also worries the proposal could impact the safety of law enforcement, since police could not ask about a drivers legal status.

Supporters have argued the bill would improve safety by helping illegal immigrants understand Wisconsin’s traffic laws and reduce the number of unlicensed drivers on the roads. However, Suder says they’re forgetting that those who would need the special cards are already breaking the law with their presence in the state.

Suder says a license can open the door to accessing many other state services, and the proposal is just a bad idea for lawmakers to be considering right now.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:04)


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