Consumer Protection warns of yet another scam to get your money, and identity.

It sounds legitimate at first.

"We have been getting calls all day today from consumers who say they have recieved a fake call from Associated Bank talking about an unusual charge on a credit card or an overdraft or a security breech."

Glen Loyd with the Department of Consumer Protection says the caller is not really from the bank at all. Loyd says after alerting the customer, the caller gives him an 800-number to call and "fix the problem."

"But when the consumers call back they are asked to enter their credit card number and some other personal information. We want consumers to know that these calls have nothing to do with Associated Bank. Some criminals are making these calls."

Loyd says a bank should not ask for your personal information, because they should already have it on file. Again, if you get such a call with requests to follow up, Loyd says … "Don't call that number and don't give any information."

The current scammers pretend to be from Associated Banks, which are located throughout Wisconsin, but they could just as easily cite another bank with yet another scam.

Eric Skrum with the Wisconsin Bankers Association released a statement saying, "Criminals are constantly inventing new techniques or variations on old ones to steal personal information," Skrum said. "If a consumer is ever in doubt about a request, they should immediately contact the police or their financial institution. Both agencies are well equipped to determine the legitimacy of the request and will be happy to offer assistance."

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report (1:16 MP3)

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