Updating a thirty year old Medicaid case tracking system will cost at least nine-million more than expected.

But Health and Family Service's spokesperson Stephanie Marquis says this situation is different than other news stories reporting costly state computer delays.

Marquis says HFS is managing this project well, protecting state taxpayer money. Ninety percent of the bill will be picked up by the federal government  and she says future administrative savings will help make up for it. 

The overrun is largely due to all the changes that have been made in state and federal Medicaid law since the project was put out for bid in 2004.  The software had to be updated for the changes. Marquis says the new system is designed to easily accept future changes.

Marquis says HFS is also taking the time to test the system to get it right. She says they don't want this to turn out like Medicare Part D.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:00 MP3 )

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