The question for Finn Hubbard, the DOT's chief bridge engineer was simple. Are Wisconsin bridges safe?

Hubbard says they are. Bridges are inspected every two years. Some more often than that.

But early reports say the Minneapolis bridge was inspected in 2005 and problems were found. Not enough to close the bridge however. Is that possible in Wisconsin?

Hubbard says when problems are found they're fixed as soon as possible and they move on.

And what about the bridges that connect Wisconsin with Minnesota or Iowa across the Mississippi?

Hubbard says every year inspection teams from the two states involved check the crossing bridges to see if anything needs to be fixed. Hubbard says repairs, if needed, are made within a year and the two states split the cost.

Hubbard says there haven't been any fatal bridge collapses in recent Wisconsin history. The worst situation was the Hoan Bridge in Milwaukee back in December of 2000 when major cracks were found. Hubbard says the bridge was closed for several months while repairs were made.

Hubbard says the DOT has complete confidence in state bridges and motorists should too.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:06 MP3 )

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