Speaker Robin Vos

Bigger and bolder. That’s how Speaker Robin Vos describes Republican plans to assist Wisconsin, compared to what Governor Tony Evers proposed in his recent State of the State address.

“We would probably like to do something that’s bigger and bolder, than what he first proposed,” Vos said Tuesday at the Capitol. “It would probably cost more money that the $8.5 million because while that is something that is definitely helpful to farmers, it is probably too small of an effort to make
a substantial difference.

GOP proposals include allowing farmers – and other “sole proprietors” – to deduct health insurance costs from their taxes. That alone would cost about 9 million dollars. Assembly Republicans are also looking at a property tax cut that would benefit just farmers. Vos hopes to have various bills ready to vote on later this month.

The governor was supportive. “It seems to to me that we’ve always worried about whether we’ve proposed something that they’re going to complain about how much money we’re spending,” Evers said. “Have at it, I’m with them.”

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