American Transmission Company doesn't generate the electricity but it doesn't foresee any problems transmitting it around the state this summer.  

ATC builds the high voltage lines that criss-cross the state carrying electricity. ATC systems director, Teresa Mogensen says barring any unforeseen problems, the transmission infrastructure should be able to handle summer demands.

Mogensen says some projects started five years ago are coming on line now and that helps but there are projects in the pipeline that need to be completed, she says, to meet the future needs. And that includes some unpopular projects in some parts of the state.

Even though ATC is ready, Mogensen says there are some "watch" areas that could be problematic if those unforeseen situations occur.

The Ellington-Hintz line near Appleton tends to get overloaded if not managed and there is continuing construction on the Wausau to Duluth line. Mogensen says ATC will be keeping a close eye on those areas.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( :56 MP3 )

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