Separate attorneys will handle the appeals for the Weston parents convicted of praying over their dying diabetic daughter.  Judge Vincent Howard has appointed attorney Marion Louise Buckley to represent Dale Neumann and Byron Lichstein with the Criminal Appeals project at the UW Law School to represent Leilani Neumann.

Lichstein says he doesn’t know yet what grounds Neumann has for an appeal, since he still has not received most of the materials from the trial.

Jurors separately convicted the Neumann’s of recklessly causing their daughter Madeline Kara’s death in March 2009 by ignoring their duty to take her to a doctor. The girl died from a treatable case of diabetes.

Marathon County taxpayers will pay for the Neumann’s legal expenses after a judge ruled they cannot afford to hire their own attorney.

AUDIO: Matt Lehman reports (:34)


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