Jurors in the Steven Avery murder trial heard the voice of Teresa Halbach. Halbach left a message on the answering machine of Avery's sister, Barb Janda, who also lived at the Avery salvage lot. Halbach, a freelance photographer, was trying to confirm an appointment to take a picture of a minivan. Prosecutors say Avery called Auto Trader magazine for Halbach, using the name B. Janda. Prosecutor Ken Kratz said the phone message from Halbach is a significant piece of evidence, because it sets a time line for Halbach to arrive at the Avery property.

Also on Wednesday, Manitowoc County Sheriff's lieutenant James Lenk again denied planting evidence to try and frame Avery. Defense attorneys claim he had an opportunity to do that while searching Avery's property, but Lenk told Kratz and defense attorney Dean Strang that it didn't happen. [ WHBY 's Mike Kemmeter submitted this report]

AUDIO: (Halbach message, Kratz, Lenk, Strang 1:20 MP3)

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