Day three of the Steven Avery murder trial featured the testimony of an Avery nephew, and a defense request for a mistrial.

Bobby Dassey, the nephew of Steven Avery, told prosecutor Ken Kratz that Avery talked to him on November 3rd 2005, before Teresa Halbach was considered a missing person. Dassey told jurors that he and a friend were at the Avery salvage yard, and his uncle asked him if he wanted to help Avery get rid of a body. Dassey testified that Avery “sounded like he was kidding,” but that he told Avery “no.” Bobby Dassey is the brother of Brendan Dassey, who is also scheduled to go on trial for Halbach's death.

Avery's defense attorney, Dean Strang, asked for a mistrial after hearing Bobby Dassey's testimony. Strang argued that Dassey originally told investigators that Avery made the statement on November 10th, which was not possible because Avery was already behind bars. The judge rejected that request.  

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (1:30 MP3)

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