Some language may change but a state senator will continue to push his bill requiring a background check for private handgun sales.

Democrat Spencer Coggs says criminals will always be able to get a gun but he thinks making private handgun buyers go through a background check just as they would at a gun shop will make it more difficult.

Coggs says no one believes a law abiding citizen would ever knowingly sell a handgun to a convicted felon or sex offender. But how do you know , he asks, if there's no check. Currently background checks are required if a gun is sold commercially.

After hearing from more than a hundred witnesses at a public hearing on the bill, Senator Coggs says some of the language may be tightened to avoid any misunderstanding but he predicts the bill will get through the Senate. The assembly he says is a different matter.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:07 MP3 )

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