New regulations from the Bush administration could jeopardize Governor Doyle's plan to make sure all children get access to health care coverage.

According to the governor's spokesperson Matt Canter, the Badger Care Plus proposal would raise the income eligibility limit for families. So more middle class, working families would have access to health care coverage for their children.

But the Bush administration says the federal Medicaid portion was meant to cover uninsured low income children and they must be signed up first before states can use federal money for families who make 250% more than the poverty level. That's 51-thousand 625 dollars a year for a family of four.

But Canter says Badger Care Plus is flexible and can survive. It has to survive the legislature first.

Critics say the administration is just trying to pre-empt a move in Congress to expand health care coverage access for children in a federal program known as S-Chip. Something Wisconsin Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin knows about.  She believes states, such as Wisconsin, should be able to come up with their own plans suited to their needs.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:14 MP3 )

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