U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin referenced her own personal history health care, and her work Joe Biden on the Affordable Care Act, during her speech to the virtual Democratic National Convention from Milwaukee Thursday night.

Baldwin mentioned her own challenges to afford health insurance after being diagnosed with a preexisting condition at a young age, while being raised by her grandparents.

“I worked with Joe Biden and Barack Obama to make sure kids and grand kids, if they’re dependents, can stay on their parents’ health insurance until they’re 26,” she said. “We got that done and, yes, it was a big effing deal.”

Baldwin warned what could befall families if the ACA is eliminated, something President Trump has repeatedly endorsed.

“Do we want to be a country where medical bills bury people in debt or one where healthcare is affordable for all? Or where tens of thousands of people die from a virus? Or where the American dream lives?”

“Here in Wisconsin, our state motto is just one word, ‘Forward.’ This November, let’s move forward and never look back.”

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