Milwaukee election officials are re-counting ballots today trying to figure out why their computer says there were 40-thousand more than recorded by poll workers.

Nothing sinister. No voter fraud. Just a computer error according to the Kyle Richmond at the State Elections Board who says they think the software just miscounted the number of ballots cast in Tuesday's elections. Not the number of votes.

When the polls close, the computer spits out the number of actual paper ballots that went through the machines. But when that was compared to the poll workers check-list of people who walked through that day, the numbers were way off.

Richmond says it appears to have happened at polling places, such as school gyms, where people from several different wards vote in the same place. The computer apparently combined the totals , inflating the actual number of ballots.

So, they're going through the actual paper ballots today making sure they have the right count. The ballot recount is not expected to change the outcome of any races, just the turnout numbers.
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