If you’re planning a summer move to a new home, be sure you’re finding a safe, reputable moving company.

Tiffany Schultz with the Better Business Bureau says the danger in getting scammed is that you might not see it coming until the movers have your entire home on a truck under a lock and key. 

“And that’s where you get caught because you’re giving them money so you can get your goods over and above what you were expecting to pay and over and above what a legitimate company would be charging you.”

Scultz says it’s important to do more research than just a simple Google search for ‘moving companies near me’ because scammers like to pay for ads to put their names at the top of search results.  

“You also want to read reviews on moving companies. You want to check with friends and family. Ask for references from the moving company. If the moving company can provide you with some references, actually call them.”

Also be sure to take a really good look at that contract before you sign it.

“Goods are moved with the weight of them and they’re priced according to weight they’re not priced according to volume so if somebody asks you how many pieces you have, that could be a red flag.”

She says it’s good to consult with a number of companies, and to be sure to do some research or check their reviews online at reputable sites like the BBB or trade unions. 

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