We’re coming up on the Fourth of July and Wisconsin Emergency Management is reminding people to be safe with store bought fireworks.

Spokesman Andrew Beckett says you need to not only keep your fireworks safe and sane, you need to ensure that they’re allowed where you live.  

“Many communities have pretty strict bans on what is allowed within a municipality or even within a county so you want to make sure that you are observing what is allowed in your area.”

Beckett reminds people to only buy fireworks from reputable sellers and to make sure that kids aren’t using fireworks without supervision. 

“In the state last year there were 91 emergency room visits from people who were injured because of fireworks. Nationally we’re looking at an average of about 180 people a day who go to the emergency room.”

As always, be mindful of where you’re using your fireworks and that people are staying clear and enjoying themselves from a distance.

“It’s something to take very seriously and ensure that you’re using safety. You’re not putting other people or yourself at risk just because you’re celebrating.”

Find more safety tips at Ready Wisconsin.

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