It might take time away from the latest on Paris Hilton, but activist groups are calling on Congress and the FCC to fix "pathetic" local news coverage of politics. A letter from reform groups in Wisconsin and four other Midwest states asks the Federal Communication Commission to hold TV broadcasters accountable for inadequate elections and government coverage. "Local TV news coverage of government and elections is pathetic," said Mike McCabe with the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. McCabe said the letter from the Midwest Democracy Network asks the FCC to step up to the plate, and start requiring more and better political coverage from local TV. McCabe insists that sort of pressure from the feds won't cut into the bottom line on profitable local newscasts. McCabe said most local TV reporting on political campaigns is "horse race coverage," rather than providing voters with actual information they can use to make up their own minds.

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (:60 MP3)

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