Tax time is an ideal time for ID thieves.

According to Janet Jenkins at the state's Privacy Protection Office, identity thieves aren't dummies. They've studied opportunities when information is most vulnerable such as holiday shopping seasons, spring break and tax time.

Jenkins says make sure your private information is protected especially if you use a tax preparer. She says there are some preparers who do share your information with third parties by either selling it or sharing it.

So, ask if they do or not especially before you let them file. If they don't sell it to others, Jenkins suggests asking what they do with it. Do they store it? How is it stored? Is it shredded?

Jenkins says while we may not want people to know our incomes and other assets there is other information on those tax forms that is more important to ID thieves such as names, addresses and social security numbers for you and your spouse.

The IRS promotes electronic filing as a quick and secure way to file taxes.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:10 MP3 )

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