An advocacy group charges state officials provided a biased look at health care reform. Robert Kraig with Citizen Action of Wisconsin said Walker administration officials were spinning things their way during the recent release of a report on the impacts of health care reform. “I think it’s obvious t the Walker administration has tried to present only the negative aspects of the report, in order to try put health care reform in a bad light, and has actually tried to obscure the incredible benefits that Wisconsinites are going to get.”

Not even mentioned in the Walker administration’s press release about the report, Kraig noted, was the finding that some 340,000 people who are not currently insured will have coverage. “I think having a press release where you don’t even mention that 340,000 people are going to get coverage who don’t have coverage now, and you put in the last power point slide in your presentation at an invitation only press conference, that goes beyond the pale in trying to put your perspective on a report,” said Kraig.

State officials focused on findings in the report that showed some Wisconsin residents will pay more for insurance, while others will be dropped from employer-sponsored plans. The report was commissioned by the administration of former Governor Jim Doyle.

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