The latest Marquette Law School poll of Wisconsin likely voters finds support in the presidential race little changed since June.

“In this month’s poll, Joe Biden has a five point lead among likely voters, 49 to 44 percent for Trump. When we look at likely voters in June, that was a six point Biden lead,” poll director Charles Franklin said Tuesday.

Among registered voters, Biden was at 48 percent and Trump at 42 percent. In June, Biden had percent and Trump 41 percent support among registered voters.

“When we flip that to registered voters, then Biden’s lead is six points with registered, and it was eight points with registered in June. So in both of these comparisons, Biden’s lead is just slightly less than it was a month ago.”

The poll was conducted August 4-9. There were 675 likely voters included in the poll, with a margin of error of plus or minus 4-point-2 percent.

Other poll findings:

Among Democrats, 27% say they will vote in person on election day, 12% early in person, 55% by mail. Among Republicans, 67% say they will vote in person on election day, 12% in person early, 15% by mail.

On whether masks should be required in all public places – 69% agree, 29% disagree, with large partisan (and regional) differences. Among Democrats, 93% say yes, 5% say no. Among Republicans, 43% say yes, 54% say no. Among independents, 71% yes, 29% no.

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