Sign implies ticket and tow zone on Square

Sign implies ticket and tow zone on Square

Lawmakers are considering a bill which would remove confusion over whether or not the public can park on Madison’s Capitol Square.

State Senator Glenn Grothman said legislators, who have reserved spots on Capitol Square streets, know the public can use the spots on evenings and weekends,and that Capitol Police do not issue tickets at those times. But signs on the square give people looking for parking spots the impression that they may be ticketed or towed if they do park there.

The bill (SB 565) would put new signs on the square making the parking picture clearer. Senator Jon Erpenbach, a Democrat, is author of the bill with Grothman, a Republican.Senate President Fred Risser, whose Madison district includes the Capitol Square, is also supporting the measure, which recieved a public hearing at the Capitol on Wednesday.

Sens. Grothman, Erpenbach (:20 MP3) AUDIO: Sens. Grothman, Erpenbach (:20 MP3)

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