At the Capitol, legislation would put the costs of impounding the vehicles of reckless drivers on those drivers. State Senator Andre Jacque(R-DePere) said people are fed up with reckless driving.

“Being put into harm’s way on a daily basis. Sometimes unfortunately serious injuries or even death resulting.” But there’s currently a disincentive to impounding the vehicles of those drivers – the costs are borne by law enforcement and local taxpayers.

“This legislation would make the perpetrator responsible for the reasonable costs of impounding the vehicle,” Jacque said.

“You run from from police, you’re going at extremely excessive rates of speed, you’re going to hit somebody it’s just a matter of time. And this is an opportunity for local governments to take some control to be able to say ‘hey you know you run from the police you’re done you’re going to lose that vehicle.”

The bill passed a Senate committee this week. Jacques hopes it passes the full Senate and the state Assembly.

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