One state lawmaker aims to protect soldiers from the effects of depleted uranium exposure.

State Representative Tom Nelson (D-Kaukauna) continues to push his legislation geared toward National Guard members and veterans who may have been exposed to depleted uranium . "This bill simply directs the Veterans Affairs Department to provide screening, testing, treatment and awareness information to returning National Guard members from Iraq and Afghanistan who may or may not have been exposed to depleted uranium."

The Kaukauna Democrat renews his push for this measure, saying depleted uranium is being used more often as a component of munitions in military conflicts. More specifically, shells fired from tanks are made with uranium. "There's a lot of tests that show that it's been having harmful health effects on soldiers."

Nelson says providing testing, treatment and information on depleted uranium exposure is important, but first soldiers need to be contacted. That's why, Nelson says, the new proposal for a volunteer statewide veterans registry would work hand in hand with his bill. A database would allow officials to track the effects of depleted uranium on returning soldiers. Both bills are included in a huge new Veterans Care Package of bills, announced this week, along with family military leave and veterans health insurance.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report (1:28 MP3)

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