A bill that toughens penalties for some first and second time drunk drivers is the subject of a hearing at the Capitol. The state already has enhanced penalties for third and subsequent OWIs, where the driver had exceptionally high blood alcohol levels. Milwaukee Democrat, Rep. Tony Staskunas , would apply similar penalties to the very first such offense. "They've (first time drunk drivers with high BAC levels) been doing this before, and this is just the first time they got caught," said Staskunis. "That's probably as a good a time as any to hit them right in the pocketbook." The Senate version of Staskunas' bill got a committee hearing on Wednesday. Most states have made first time drunk driving a criminal offense, but Staskunis said he doubts a bill to do that would pass the legislature here.

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (:60 MP3)

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