It Looks as if Wisconsin kids will still be allowed to hoist a beer down at the local, as long as they’re with mom and dad. State Senator Judy Robson is author of legislation to prohibit kids under age eighteen from drinking in taverns with their parents, something that’s allowed under current law, if the individual tavern allows. “I was optimistic, it had bipartisan support getting out of committee,” said Robson. “We only have a few days left, and I know that the leader does not like the bill.”

The leader is Robson’s fellow Democrat, Majority Leader Russ Decker who, Robson said, will not allow a floor vote on the bill (SB 30). “The Tavern League does not object, they supported it, and it does make sense, because we know that 11, 12, 13 year olds can go into a tavern and drink with their parents. Robson said the brains of young teens aren’t developed to handle alcohol, and that Wisconsin has “a culture of drinking that we should be ashamed of.” Decker did not respond to a request for comment.

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