GPS tracking could be applied to domestic violence, under terms of proposed state legislation. Milwaukee Democrat, state Senator Tim Carpenter , says recent tragedies have demonstrated again and again, that a piece of paper can't do much to keep domestic abuse victims face from their assailants. "Restraining orders aren't necisarrily the whole answer," Carpenter noted during a Capitol press conference Wednesday, to announce the Repeat Domestic Violence Prevention Act.

"This legislation will grant judges the discretion to order GPS monitoring on high-risk individuals who have protective orders placed against them," explained the bill's Assembly sponsor, Republican state Representative Rich Zipperer of Pewaukee. "The order will delineate specific safe zones, such as the victim's home or place of work, where the offender may not go." Zipperer, says the GPS monitoring of domestic abuse offenders would cost about nineteen dollars a day, paid for by a surcharge on offenders who violate restraining orders. The bill already has support from a majority in the Assembly. 

Michael Bischof is President of the Cynthia Bischof Memorial Foundation , named for his sister who was killed by an ex-boyfriend despite two restraining orders. He says similar legislation is already in place in 41 states. "Wisconsin would simply be expanding the use of GPS monitoring currently used in sexual offender situations, to now include domestic violence situations.

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