A western Wisconsin man faces up to five years in prison because he bought a bottle of vodka for his girlfriend, who then got behind the wheel and faces criminal charges in the death of a passenger.

Washingonton County, Minnesota, prosecutor Doug Johnson says survelliance video from a Stillwater liquor store shows 21 year-old Brandon Hedland of Somerset, Wisconsin, purchasing vodka. Johnson says the liquor ended up in the hands of 19 year-old Alicia Rae Haupert. Haupert allegedly drove drunk and crashed her vehicle at about 8:30 Sunday morning, January 29th, killing 20 year-old Andrea Zimmerman of Stillwater. Haupert and another passenger were injured.

Haupert said she had been drinking vodka and energy drink mixes until about midnight. Nearly nine hours later, her blood-alcohol level was measured at .108. Hedland admitted he supplied the alcohol. Johnson said even though Hedland was nowhere near the car, he’s also responsible for the crash. “We have a lot of kids out there, who are drinking and driving, and somebody is buying them liquor,” says Johnson. “If we can find out who those people are, we’re going to charge them.”

Hedland was notified of the charges this week. There’s no word on whether he’ll fight extradition to Minnesota.

Jeff Petersen, WXCE 

AUDIO: Jeff Petersen reports (:60 MP3) AUDIO: Jeff Petersen reports (:60 MP3)

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