Justice Rebecca Bradley

Justice Rebecca Bradley

State Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley is again under scrutiny for a column written while she was a student at Marquette University.

The column, which appeared in the Marquette Journal in 1992, features the then-undergraduate student denouncing the feminist movement in a counterpoint piece titled “Awaiting feminism’s demise.” Bradley argued the feminist movement is “largely composed of angry, militant, man-hating lesbians who abhor the traditional family.”

Bradley also expressed support for the views of columnist Camille Paglia, who Bradley said “legitimately suggested women play a role in date rape.”

The column, originally reported by the Capital Times, is the latest of several released this week. The justice has already apologized for anti-gay writings made public by the liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now, while her campaign declined to comment on a column in which she compares abortion to the holocaust and slavery. Her campaign did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment on the latest release.

Bradley is running to retain a seat on the state Supreme Court, which she was appointed to last fall by Governor Scott Walker. She faces a challenge from Appeals Court Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg in an April 5 election.

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