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When the Milwaukee Brewers started spring training back in February, veteran Ryan Braun was preparing for what appeared to be his final season.  But that was then.  Braun told reporters on Saturday that several factors have him considering at least one more season in 2021.

“To start with, we’ll only play 60 games instead of 162 games, so obviously at this age and where I’m at in my career, it’s very appealing to me to have the option to DH for a decent percentage of my at-bats,” Braun said.  “And this season will be an experience like we’ve never experienced before.

“So at this point, I feel like it’s more likely that I play another year than I anticipated a few months back.”

Braun is entering the final year of the five-year, $105 million extension he signed with the Brewers back in 2011.  The deal includes a $15 million mutual option for 2021 with a $4 million buyout.

The use of the DH this season and in 2021 could be a perfect fit for Braun, who hit .285 with 22 home runs and 75 runs batted in in 2019.  The option year price might be steep for the Brewers, but there’s nothing that says the two sides couldn’t compromise and negotiate a deal that works for both the player and the club.

Braun told reporters on the first day of Summer Camp on Saturday that he’s just trying to focus on this year, trying to prepare for the season.

If Braun does play another year, he would love for it to be in Milwaukee.

“I love everything about the city, this organization and I’m incredibly close with the Attanasios, so the goal certainly would be, if I play another year, to play here.”

For now, Braun is just keeping a low profile and preparing for the start of the shortened season.

AUDIO: Ryan Braun said he’s contemplating playing another year :25

AUDIO: Ryan Braun said if he plays another year, he’d like it to be in Milwaukee :18

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