Eric Lauer

Newly acquired left-handed pitcher Eric Lauer is one of three players on the Milwaukee Brewers injured list, joining former San Diego teammate Luis Urias and left-handed pitcher Angel Perdomo, all related to COVID-19.

Urias and Perdomo both tested positive for the coronavirus and are in quarantine.  Lauer was forced to delay his return to the team because he came into close contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus.  According to protocol, Lauer had to quarantine despite not testing positive himself.

Lauer is expected to pitch a bullpen on Tuesday and both he and manager Craig Counsell said he could remain on track to be on the team’s opening day roster.

Lauer missed the final days of Spring Training in Maryvale before the shutdown with a shoulder impingement but has since healed.

The Brewers acquired Lauer from San Diego where he started 52 of his 53 appearances with the Padres over the last two seasons.

“Eric’s healthy,” said manager Craig Counsell.  “He has a chance to be ready for the start of the season.  We’ll just see what kind of volume we can get to and where the rest of the health is of the staff and really, the best way to get him ready for 60 games.  He’s on track.  He just got slowed down a little bit.”

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