As of Tuesday, there have been more than 1500 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Brown County and the Oneida Nation, and 11 deaths as of Tuesday.

County executive, Troy Streckenbach is asking residents to take the situation seriously. “So I would want to just reemphasize the importance of wearing masks when in public, reemphasize the need for you to wash your hands, practice social distancing.”

Brown County Public Health announced a second community COVID-19 testing site will open on Wednesday. Also, the JBS meatpacking plant in Green Bay has reopened, with protections in place.

Look at wearing a mask as a sign of respect for health care workers and others. That from Chris Woleske. President and CEO of Bellin Health in Green Bay.

“We ask everyone who comes into our facilities, whether you work in the facility, or you’re coming in as a patient, that you wear a mask,” said Woleske, who joined local officials on a video conference call Tuesday. “It’s a sign of respect. I protect you, you protect me, so together we’re helping each other stay healthier.”

Brown County has the second highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Wisconsin, with many linked to Green Bay’s JBS meatpacking plant, which has reopened with precautions in place. But Claire Paprocki of Brown County Health says community spread is now the main concern

“We can’t point fingers or come to one source that caused the type of numbers that we’re seeing in Brown County,” she said. “It’s just as likely that if you go over to your neighbor’s house and have an adult beverage in their driveway, that you could get COVID-19 that way.”

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