The Milwaukee Bucks went into Tuesday night’s Draft Lottery with the best odds (25%) of obtaining the top pick in the June 26th draft.  But it was the Cleveland Cavaliers (1.7%) that came from the 9th position to grab the top pick.  They’ll draft number-1 for the third time in the last four years.

The Bucks get the number two pick, the first time in their history that they’ll draft from that position.

The Cavs will have their pick of top players like Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid of Kansas and Jabari Parker of Duke.  But regardless of who Cleveland goes with, the Bucks are going to get a real good player with the next pick.

Since the NBA introduced the lottery system in 1985, the second spot has produced a number of top players, like Jason Kidd, Gary Payton, Alonzo Mourning and reigning NBA MVP Kevin Durant.

Vote of confidence

Bucks General Manager John Hammond received a vote of confidence from the Bucks new ownership group.  Marc Lasry and Wesley Edens say Hammond will oversee the June 26th draft and continue as the Bucks GM for the near future.  Hammond and current head coach Larry Drew both have two years left on their contracts.


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