Mark Lasry, Wes Edens & Jamie Dinan

Mark Lasry, Wes Edens & Jamie Dinan

Milwaukee Bucks primary owners Wes Edens, Marc Lasry and Jamie Dinan met with reporters before Wednesday night’s regular season finale against the Indiana Pacers.

Nobody was happy about the team’s 33-49 record, but after completing a lease agreement that will allow construction of the team’s new downtown arena to begin in June, the Bucks ownership team displayed an optimism about the team’s future.

Wes Edens did most of the talking and said the main objective is still winning a championship.

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Despite speculation about Jason Kidd’s future during the last couple of days, but the ownership team sure sounds like they want Kidd to continue as the team’s head coach.

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AUDIO: Wes Edens on judging the Bucks this season :21

As for Kidd, he said he can do better and will do better.  He said the Bucks improvement has to start with their defense.

AUDIO: Jason Kidd on the development of his team :19

The approval of the 30-year lease and a $550 million arena and practice facility on the way, the ownership team was excited about the future.

Edens said the design of the new arena should lead to a better experience for Bucks fans.

“What we were very focused on was bringing as many people as we could into the lower bowl,” he said.  “We think that’s a very important part of the design.

“This arena behind us is literally the opposite (of the Bradley Center) in terms of the percentages of the upper bowl vs. the lower bowl. We went to great lengths to design the upper bowl and the concourses and the clubs to make it an incredibly good experience for every fan.

“It’s an honor to have people come visit us in our house, to come watch the Bucks play. I think the experience for every fan in the place is going to be unbelievable.”

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