As the budget process inches forward, one lawmaker says Wisconsin is only one of three states not to have completed the job. Madison Democrat, Representative Mark Pocan , served on the Joint Finance Committee, and believes it's now time for the budget conferees to kick things up a notch. "When one group is talking about apples and the other group is talking about oranges, you're not going to get a whole lot done," says Pocan. "I think we need to move beyond that." Pocan sat in, as the eight member committee met again Thursday, and again failed to advance any serious compromise. Is that frustrating for lawmakers who spent months in the Joint Finance Committee process? Abbottsford Republican Scott Suder is a JFC member. "No, I wouldn't call it frustrating," says Suder. "I would call very important. We're dealing with nearly $60 billion of peoples' money. It is a long process." Suder says the budget conference committee has made "some progress," while Pocan says Wisconsin is now one of only three states not to have completed work on a budget.

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (:55 MP3)

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