Budget negotiators wrangled over the state's land purchase program. Back at the table on Tuesday for more negotiations on the state budget, and Democrats offered a position on the state's Stewardship fund for land purchases. Republican Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald jumped on the increased bonding involved. Fitzgerald said that amounted to handing a billion dollars over to bureaucrats with no oversight. "Credit card spending," according to Fitzgerald, who called on Democrats to respond to a GOP proposal on K-through-12 education funding, which has been on the table since last week. Democrat, Sen. Bob Jauch charged the Republicans "would decimate . . . stewardship." There may be room for compromise on the stewardship issue: Fitzgerald said he's willing to look at the Democrats' plan, but he still wants to see a counteroffer on K-through-12 funding.

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (:60 MP3)

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