Governor Jim Doyle's education funding increase has survived a round of the state budget process, but not before Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee offered a motion to limit the increase in per-pupil spending to $100 next year. “You're strangling the educational opportunities for children in this state,” said Democrat, state Senator Bob Jauch, who called the GOP proposal “not only reckless, it's immoral.” Republican Representative Robin Vos accused Jauch of employing hyperbole. “There is no reduction in the amount of spending,” said Vos. “Only in government, if you allow the state to give more money, and the school districts to spend more money, but it's not as much as somebody wants, is that called a cut.” The governor's budget  position, an increase in per-pupil spending of $264 next year, prevailed on a 10-to 6 vote.

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports

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