A rare nonpartisan vote Tuesday, as budget writers at the Capitol approve a proposed new state agency. Most action in the Joint Finance Committee has ended in eight-to-eight deadlocks between Democrats and Republicans, but Governor Jim Doyle's plans for a new Department of Children and Families drew support from Republican Representative Steve Kestell. "Our best solution is to get on the same page, with the single goal of helping Wisconsin families get stronger," said Kestell.

Republican Senators Luther Olson and Alberta Darling also voted in support of the new agency, one which Olson said is needed. "I see more dysfunctional. families, more families with child neglect and abuse," said Olson. Kestell and Democratic Senator Lena Taylor said the new Department of Children and Families could save the state money, by consolidating and streamlining services offered to families.

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (:60 MP3)

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