Legislators wrangle over the state budget and property taxes. On the Joint Finance Committee Thursday, Racine Republican, Representative Robin Vos proposed a cap on the levy limit for counties and municipalities: zero percent, or the percentage change in local governments' equalized value due to new construction. "A "no" vote on this motion is a guaranteed $1.2 billion property tax increase," said Vos. Madison Democrat, Representative Mark Pocan , said the Vos plan sounded suspiciously similar to a Republican initiative from legislative sessions past. "Call it TABOR two, son of TABOR, bride of TABOR. I think this is more like the TABOR Matrix" Pocan said. The 16 member budget committee deadlocked on Vos' proposal, as well as on a motion to delete the real estate transfer fee increase from Governor Jim Doyle's proposed budget.

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (:60 MP3)

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