Wisconsin residents looking to "go green" with new home construction or renovations could soon have new guidance from builders to help with the process.

The Wisconsin Builders Association is adopting a new set of environmental standards under the Green Built Home program. The groups Michael Cline says there are many different opinions about what makes a home environmentally friendly, but the group wanted to endorse something that helped prevent confusion among the home buying public.

Cline says the program provides an easy check-list to help builders determine how green they can make a new home. Using that, builders and clients can determine what methods fit their budgets.

Cline says the Green Built Home standards have been used in Wisconsin since 1999, and have helped certify over 2200 homes already. He says the program can help builders receive a green rating, without a costly certification process. 

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (MP3 :58)

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