Two people fell overboard in two separate boating incidents on Dane County lakes this weekend.

Elise Schaffer with the Dane County Sheriff's office says in one case the victim was able to swim to shore. But in the other the person drowned.  In both cases, she says, alcohol was involved.

Schaeffer says it's against the law for the person driving the boat to be intoxicated just as it is for someone driving a car. But it is different for passengers. There are no laws about people on the boat drinking as long as they don't drive it.

Schaeffer says, however, long hours on a lake during hot weather can mean more alcohol consumption and that can still be a deadly combination as seen in the death of the one man.

Schaeffer says neither victim was wearing a lifejacket which in the one tragic case may have made a difference.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( :57 MP3 )

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