The Assembly votes on the cable TV competition bill today and one observer says it's on the fast track.

In fact, UW telecommunications professor Barry Orton calls it "greased" and should win easy approval.

Orton says AT&T's millions helped with lobbyists, radio and TV ads and even reports of legal campaign donations to key legislative players.

But Orton says despite changes that give consumers some of the same protections they have now,  he still feels the bill is fundamentally flawed.

He claims it still won't save consumers money in the long run. That it will cost taxpayers a million a year for state administration and will still pull the plug on some public access namely Stevens Point, West Allis and even in the hometown of the bill's sponsor, Ashwaubenon.

But supporters say more video competition will lower costs and give consumers better choices.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:04 MP3 )

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