The Video Competition Act, which would give the cable companies video competition, is on the legislative fast track and some say AT&T's money put it there.

AT&T has 15 lobbyists pushing for the bill and is spending millions on advertising. But now, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign records show AT&T has made fifty four thousand dollars in campaign contributions to the Governor and legislators who might have anything to do with the bill. Most of them aren't up for re-election anytime soon.

AT&T, the governor and the lawmakers all say there's no connection to the pending cable competition bill. But the Democracy Campaign's Mike McCabe says it's “too much for the public to swallow that it's just a coincidence”.  

And McCabe says it also follows what he calls an all too familiar pattern. Special interest groups making campaign donations at a time they stand to benefit from government action.

But McCabe says under current campaign finance law it's all legal. Groups and companies can do that. And that's why campaign finance reform is needed.

The Assembly will vote on the Video Competition Act Tuesday. The senate may debate it the same day.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:04 MP3 )

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