The legislature is about to take up the thorny issue of campaign finance reform.   

After the most expensive State Supreme Court race in history, a senate committee holds a public hearing Tuesday on changing the way campaigns are financed.

Senator Pat Kreitlow's (D-Chippewa Falls) committee will look at possible solutions in two main areas… public financing and issue ads. Specifically, whether the groups who finance those ads should be required to disclose the source of the money.

100 % public financing can be expensive Kreitlow says but it will ultimately be up to the voters. Do they want to take what he calls tainted money out of the system all together or maybe just in selective races such as the State Supreme Court?

Kreitlow would like to see campaign finance put on the legislative fast track much like ethics reform earlier this year. But the freshman senator says that will be up to Assembly Republicans.








AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( :51 MP3 )

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